Getting Started with Bash Scripting

“Create your Own Bash Scripts and Free Yourself from Code Drudgery.”

Once you’ve been using the terminal to move around your system for a little while, creating/deleting/moving files and the like, the next step is to start writing your own Bash scripts. And this is where the real joy of using Bash comes into play – being able to automate all the repetitive tasks you do in your daily web development with scripts you can call with a simple one liner in the terminal:

$ save-me-from-drudgery

So in this post I’m going to show you:

1) Where to store Bash scripts.
2) How to create a Bash script and get it up and running.

Then at the end I’ll give you a few simple Bash scripts that I use regularly and that you might also find helpful in your web development work. Let’s go.

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